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General Information > First Announcement August 22 - 27, 2012

First Announcement   

The International Conference-School for Young Scientists Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science will be held under the auspice of the national committee of the International Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the international coordination committee for computational mathematics of the CIS Academies of Sciences at the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna near Moscow, Russia on August, 22 27, 2012.

The target of the conference-school is young scientists and specialists involved in the use of advanced methods of applied mathematics for solving topical problems in science and technology by using high-performance computing systems. The Conference-school will increase the participants professional level in the areas of efficient computing technologies, numerical simulation, programming methods and tools on today multiprocessor computing systems.

The invited lecturers at the Conference comprise well-known scientists from Russia and the CIS, professors of leading universities and scientific institutions, members of academies of sciences. The School will provide the young participants with a wide range of opportunities for establishing personal contacts, for informal communications as well as discussions of scientific results with leading researchers.

Conference-School Topics

  • Modern numerical methods
  • Computing platforms, tools and methods of programming
  • Mathematical modeling in science and technology

The agenda on the present-day problems of applied mathematics and computer science comprises of:

  • invited talks
  • oral contributions
  • posters
  • young researchers mini-symposia
  • round-table discussions on problems the young people face at the launch of their scientific careers.

Conference languages - Russian and English


  • Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS
  • Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR
  • Institute of Numerical Mathematics, RAS
  • Research Computer Center, MSU

Conference Venue

The Conference will take place at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia. Dubna is a cozy quiet town 130 km north of Moscow on the picturesque banks of the Volga river. There is a convenient railway and bus connection between Dubna and Moscow. More details about Dubna can be found at

Conference participants

Under- and post-graduate students, young scientists and specialists under 35. The Organizing Committee of the Conference will select participants based on the submitted applications. The applications are to be submitted through the Registration Form which is available at

Organizing Committee

  • Chetverushkin B.N.,  Academician of RAS, KIAM, RAS - chair

  • Afendikov A.L.,  professor, KIAM, RAS - co-chair

  • Ivanov V.V.,   professor, LIT JINR - co-chair

  • Voevodin V.V.,  Corresponding Member of RAS, RCC MSU

  • Ivannikov V.P.,  Academician of RAS, ISP RAS

  • Kudryashov N.A.,  professor, National research nuclear university MEPhI

  • Makarov V.L.,  Academician of UNAS, IM, UNAS

  • Matus P.P.,   professor, Institute of Mathematics of NAS, Belarus

  • Popov Yu.P.,  Corresponding Member of RAS, KIAM, RAS

  • Tyrtyshnikov E.E.,  Corresponding Member of RAS, INM, RAS

  • Usmanov Z.D.,  Academician of ASRT, MITAS, Republic Tajikistan

  • Polyakov S.V.,  KIAM, RAS scientific secretary

  • Streltsova O.I.,  LIT JINR scientific secretary

Local Committee

  • Ivanov V.V.,  professor, LIT JINR - chair

  • Afendikov A.L.,  professor, KIAM, RAS - co-chair

  • Zrelov P.V.,  LIT JINR - co-chair

  • Polyakov S.V.,  KIAM, RAS scientific secretary

  • Streltsova O.I.,  LIT JINR scientific secretary

  • Adam G.,  professor, LIT JINR

  • Aristarkhova M.V.,  LIT JINR

  • Ayriyan A.S.,  LIT JINR

  • Bulyga N.I.,  LIT JINR

  • Grafov A.N.,  LIT JINR

  • Kalmykova L.A.,  LIT JINR

  • Korenkov V.V.,  LIT JINR

  • Lukyanov S.O.,  LIT JINR

  • Podgainy D.V.,  LIT JINR

  • Pryanichnikova E.V.,  ICD JINR

  • Rudneva E.M.,  LIT JINR

  • Rumyantseva O.Yu.,  LIT JINR

  • Shirkov P.D.,  IUNSH Dubna

  • Strizh T.A.,  LIT JINR

Invited lecturers

  • Godunov S. K., Academician of RAS, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of RAS

  • Evtushenko Yu.G., Academician of RAS, CC RAS

  • Konovalov A.N., Academician of RAS, ICMMG SB RAS

  • Levin V. K., Academician of RAS, Research Institute "Kvant"

  • Makarov V.L., Academician of UNAS, Institute of Mathematics, UNAS

  • Chetverushkin B.N., Academician of RAS, KIAM, RAS

  • Eneev T.M., Academician of RAS, KIAM, RAS

  • Voevodin V.V., Corresponding Member of RAS, RCC MSU

  • Popov Yu.P., Corresponding Member of RAS, KIAM, RAS

  • Tyrtyshnikov E.E., Corresponding Member of RAS, INM, RAS

  • Kholodov A.S., Corresponding Member of RAS, ICAD, RAS

  • Galanin M.P., professor, KIAM, RAS

  • Zhukov V.T., KIAM, RAS

  • Zhukovskii M.E., KIAM, RAS

  • Ivanov V.V., professor, LIT JINR

  • Kryukov V.A., professor, KIAM, RAS

  • Matus P.P., professor, Institute of Mathematics of NAS Belarus

  • Polyakov S.V., KIAM, RAS

  • Sveshnikov A.G., professor, MSU, Faculty of Physics

  • Tishkin V.F., professor, KIAM, RAS

  • Favorski A.P., professor, CMC, MSU

  • Shagaliev R.M., professor, RFNC-ARRIEP


Best presentations of the young conference participants will be published as short articles in a thematic issue of the Journal
Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applications - 1 June 2012
  • Deadline for abstract submission - 30 June 2012 (at on-line registration or by e-mail)
  • Arrival and hotel accommodation - from 22 August 2012
  • Registration of participants at the hotel Dubna - 22 August 2012
  • Sessions at LIT JINR: 23 -27 August 2012
  • Departure: 28 August 2012

141980, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, Joliot Curie, 6
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
Laboratory of Information Technologies
Tel: 7 (49621) 62308
Fax: 7(49621) 65145

Polyakov S.V

7(499) 9730385

Issues related to publication of abstracts and proceedings

Streltsova O.I.

7(49621) 64425, 64019

Issues related to transfer of payments on the conference fee, arrival and hotel accommodation


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